Extension Manager

Edit the alias list
Adds an approval step to the upload/import process.
Provides several automatic tagging functions
Adds autocomplete to search & tagging.
Turns BBCode into HTML
For stopping spam and other comment abuse
Show a "down for maintenance" page
Handle JPEG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, etc files
Handle static SVG files.
Use an additional stylesheet on certain holidays
Ban IP addresses
Redirect users to the rules if they use bad tags
Allow users to make comments on images
Show a list of uploaded posts
Allow users to rate images "safe", "questionable" or "explicit"
This extension allows admins to resize images.
Allows the admin to set min / max image dimensions
Show various bits of system information
Allow images to have tags assigned to them
Keep a record of tag changes, and allows you to revert changes.
Recount / Rename / Etc